We opened our doors in 2005. We provide everything a hobbyist may need in order to set up and maintain a beautiful, healthy, and successful home or office aquarium. Our staff are a group of intelligent and passionate individuals who have years of schooling and experience. Unlike other stores, all of our staff are dedicated to the hobby, both at work and home.

When you come to Aquatic Wildlife, you can expect to see a wide variety of fish, invertebrates, and plants you can't find just anywhere. You can also expect well maintained sales and display tanks, paired with excellent service, and a world of knowledge. Stop in today and find your forever fish store with us.

Store Team
Derek Marder, Store Owner
Mandy Pokorny, Store Manager, Service Manager


Aquatic Wildlife Company, located in Connecticut’s South Windsor, is a place where you can enjoy over 11,000+ gallons of freshwater fish, plants, and marine life from around the world; fully conditioned and guaranteed! 

Aquatic Wildlife Company specializes in fresh water planted biotopes, reef environments, saltwater fish, captive bred saltwater, discus, and oddball fish. We are an aquatics-only store, therefore are able to provide a wide variety of options specific to the aquarist. So passionate about the hobby, Derek Marder (store owner) named his daughters Oceania and Coral.

We are blessed with knowledgeable staff that take pride in the ability to solve water quality issues and aiding the hobbyist in selecting the right equipment and livestock for their specific home, office, or commercial aquarium. We also offer full service and custom installations. Two of our projects include a 150 gallon Elos aquarium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, as well as a 775 gallon saltwater fish-only residential aquarium.

What We Do

Some of Our Best Work

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

One of our most beautiful installation a 150 gallon Elos reef aquarium at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge.

Influential Designs (Under Construction)

Design studio located in Hartford: DSA 225 mixed reef with over 50 fish and corals. The show tank for our store with a 24 hour video stream.

775 Gallon Aquarium

775 gallon saltwater fish-only residential aquarium. Located in Connecticut.

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